Industrial Sectors

The Industrial Sector will always require top-class security solutions in their respective industries. Whether you are in Mining, Manufacturing, Transport, Aviation, Construction, Fabrication, etc., there are no shortcuts with security. Only the best will do!

About Devtech Industries

Devtech Industries is a Supplier, Installer and Maintenance Provider within the IT and Security industry

We strive to bring you the best and up to date solutions there are to secure your space. Solutions include Access Control, CCTV Systems, Intrusion, Networks. Perhaps you have Electrical or Solar needs...

This website showcases some of our products and solutions, but we are not limited to what we provide based on this site. 

Fixing Electricity Lines

Why Devtech?

"Our goal at Devtech Industries is simple, to deliver services and products that not only gets the job done, but leaves our clients beyond satisfied, catered to their specific needs. If it isn’t done well, it wasn’t done by Devtech Industries!"

Digital Security System

Featured Products


50kVA AC Cabinet + Battery Cabinet – 101,3kWh

  • Scalable from 50kVA – 1MVA

  • 100% DoD, 15-Year usable life (under STC)

  • Built in EMS allows for multiple operating modes and better ROI

  • Factory design allows for easy transportation and on-site installation


545Wp Mono-Facial PV Modules

​Jinko Tiger Pro 545Wp 72HC Monofacial PV Module

  • Higher Lifetime Power Yield, 2% first year, 0,55% linear degradation

  • Best in class 12 Year Product Warranty

  • 25 Year Linear Power Warranty

  • 2274mm x 1134mm


50kVA String Inverter, 1000Vdc

  • 5 x MPPT’s

  • Type I & II Surge Protection, AC & DC

  • IP 66 rating

  • NRS Certificate


High Voltage LFP Battery – 25,6kWh

  • 25,6kWh High Voltage LFP Battery

  • 10-Year Warranty

  • 100% usable energy

  • 30A continuous charging/discharging


World Class Solutions


With over 20 years of experience held by our team, within the IT and Security Industry, we always strive to bring our clients the best solutions. Whatever your concerns, rest assured that our experience and expertise will meet the test! Devtech Industries can provide solutions in various fields such as, but not limited to, the following:

  • Access Control

  • CCTV

  • Intrusion

  • Networks

  • Solar

  • Industrial Electrical

  • Commercial Electrical

  • Domestic Electrical

  • Home Automation

  • X-ray Body & Baggage Scanners

  • etc.

Product Range


Access Control



Solar & Electrical

Home Automation

Door Systems

Boom Gates


Tag Readers

ANPR Systems

Time & Attendance


IP Cameras

Thermal Cameras

Wireless Cameras

Smart AI Cameras


Intruder Detection

Tamper Detection

Perimeter Solutions


PV System

String Inverters

Central Inverters

Turnkey Solutions

Storage System

UPS Units

Industrial Electrical

Commercial Electrical

Domestic Electrical



Gates & Blinds

Smoke Detectors

Water Leakage Detectors

Intrusion/Alarm Systems

Doors & Gates


*Our products are not limited to the above mentioned. Feel free to contact us for any further enquiries.


With remote IT Services we cut out the time wasted with having to travel to your offices in order to assist you.

By means of remote access software, our IT consultants can connect with and use a specific computer or network from a remote location, addressing your concern with no time wasted.

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*Please note that our website is still under construction. More Products & Solutions that we offer will be shown soon.

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